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One of the medications little Kali has to take (this one to perk up her appetite since she is now tinier than her sister-- something I never thought possible) makes her... ummmm... a little hyper.  She becomes very, very vocal, sitting on my chest, batting my face and meowing urgently.

I really wish I  could just ASK HER what's up.  Clearly she wants to tell me something. It has the desired effect at least-- she has been eating like a truck driver, and is pushing 6.5 lbs.

This Thursday i take her in for the biopsy.  Then it is recovery time, which has me stressed out.  I need to make some sort of ramp or step for her to use so that she can get on the bed without having to leap and use her abdominal muscles.  Other people though have told me that kitties recover rather quickly from these things, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

This should be the last of it though-- once they have the biopsy, I have been assured that the next step will be to pinpoint the right medication and get her on the road to recovery.In other news, this evening is my first session with Danny my trainer, who will get me set up with strength training.  I will post the details on my Fitness filter!
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Thank you so much[personal profile] erzebet!  I feel deeply honored. 

A long, long writer's block finally cracks to pieces and come to an end.  The poem I gave you is part of a group-- so I guess I have no choice now but to finish the whole series.  Yikes.

This feels fabulous!
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After a long weekend spent with my nephews back home in upstate NY, I came home to a garden that was gasping for water and which seemed to have doubled in size. The bleeding heart bush is massive and dripping with heart shaped blossoms, the irises are coming up, lilies are springing, the alpine strawberries are knee-deep, and (WTF?) my daffodils are still in bloom. Yes, photos are coming.

As I was watering the garden though, I began to hear an exuberant birdsong coming from the shaded area where I planted all of the lily of the valley, wake robins, and wood anemone.

Low and behold, a baby cardinal was hanging out among the flowers learning how to fly. He must have been too young to understand that Big People are very scary and to be avoided, because he was perfectly cheerful and continued singing, hopping around, and fluttering his wings even when I sat down less than two feet away from him. I held very still and watched him for about ten minutes. I finally put away the garden hose, fetched a glass of wine from the house, and then settled down nearby as he hopped around and fluttered his wings, then succeeded in flying up to a low branch, then down again, then back up, then down again for some extended cheeping and fluttering, and then finally the grand finale flew ZZZZIIIIIIPPPPP up and away into the taller trees.

I love it that my garden has become a home to such things.


May. 16th, 2008 08:48 pm
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I have always wanted a mossy garden, and always thought that if I actually owed a place someday I would ditch the grass completely and just fill the yard with plants rocks, and glorious MOSS filling in the spaces.

Problem is, how does one willfully grow moss? I've never figured out the right way to do that.  Transplanting one clod at a time just didn;t seem to cut it.

Well, the key, according to Moss Acres, is crappy soil, acidity, a bit of moisture, and moss spores. And a blender. Take some moss and chop it up with a bit of water and beer or buttermilk and this stuff called "slurry". This adds the acidity moss likes.

Then, spread the green slime over some bare soil or rocks, mist with water now and then and wait a while. You'll end up with a beautifully varied carpet of green that you don't have to mow.  And yes, it works on vertical surfaces.  It also sounds like there is great potential for a highly original art car in this.

So who wants to go for a walk with me and gather up some varieties of moss? I have some Chimay. It's a rainy weekend, a fine time to be mad scientists with a blender.

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The Smith College Club of Cambridge is holding a wine tasting at the end of the month, May 29th, 5;30-7:30pm.  It should be a light-hearted and lovely event. 

I want to go with a date.  :-)  Or maybe two or three or four because I am like that!

Tickets are only $25 and it all goes to a good cause, the scholarship fund! 

Anyone interested?
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And I am celebrating quietly over lavender martinis (or perhaps their new concoction "Violet Femmes") with the usual suspects at that fine den of iniquity, OM in Harvard Square.  Mrrreeooow.

In other news, my garden is a exploding with wonderful things to come and today I saw a bright red cardinal who I hope I can coax into hanging around.  I am going to be up to my armpits in irises this summer.  Who me, complaining?  :-)  I'm also focused on developing a deep shade garden with lily of the valley, wood anemones, solomon's seal and wake robins. 

Speaking of martinis.....  What's a birthday without the lovely Dita Von Teese? Provided here for your viewing pleasure:


Mar. 18th, 2008 02:23 pm
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So I got word from my doctor about my test results:

  • Elevated white blood cell count, consistent with the chronic sinus infection with which I have been diagnosed
  • Some other blood count thingie that they always see in people who have severe allergies-- again, not surprising seeing that the skin test revealed that I am allergic to just about everything they test for
  • And a high platelet count-- my doctor will call me tomorrow to discuss if this is "clinically significant"
High platelets show up if you are simply sick, right?

Yeah, I'm nervous. And tired and discouraged. I wish the bath tub at my place was less wimpy because a hot hot hot bath tonight would really be nice.

P.S.  By the way, did I say that I am really glad I went to the specialist anyway even though my PCP dismissed all of my symptoms and just told me to sleep and take tylenol?

EDIT:  Tonight it is Take Out Taxi bringing Tom Yum soup to my door.  quality time with Parvati and Kali.  Books and movies.  No whimpering....
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I cannot wait to see this....


Mar. 4th, 2008 04:28 pm
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We all need time to heal today. 

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the one and only Uno the prizewinning beagle.

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And I have coughed so much, I think I may have pulled a muscle in my chest.  I have a sharp pain all along the bottom ribs.  Doctor's appointment this afternoon....

I cannot remember when I was last this sick and miserable.  I hate it.

Anyone out there?  Sorry to have been so absent dear LJ, but these past few months have been pretty all consuming.  When do I get to put aside work and get a life again?
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“Real poets never vanish, their language is reborn to thrill us ‘in the wild zone’. Direct, intimate, magical, ‘honey washed’, Landis Everson’s words ‘purr’ before us. Verbs blush and run around naked. His skills are astutely dressed up, bones become poems. Which are constant and fulfilling, honestly shining in the unity time.”
—Joanne Kyger

A Prism of Birds


The morning's portion of violets--
basing the future on a schedule of arriving flowers.
The day began with the mandatory thunderstorms
always in the distance
birds disturbing the rhododendrons below the window
my attention shifts to the vase
holding the flowers
holding no birds, no thunder, no feeling
except as I fill it.
If you came into the room
for any reason
I would put you in the vase
rejecting the violets
the Fall schedule
the fullness of my emptiness.

Read more... )
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Variations by Gertrude Stein

  • "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." (Sacred Emily, Geography and Plays)
  • "Do we suppose that all she knows is that a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." (Operas and Plays)
  • "... she would carve on the tree Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose until it went all the way around." (The World is Round)
  • "A rose tree may be a rose tree may be a rosy rose tree if watered." (Alphabets and Birthdays)
  • "Indeed a rose is a rose makes a pretty plate...." (Stanzas in Meditation)
  • "When I said. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. And then later made that into a ring I made poetry and what did I do I caressed completely caressed and addressed a noun." (Lectures in America)
  • "Civilization begins with a rose. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. It continues with blooming and it fastens clearly upon excellent examples." (As Fine as Melanctha)
  • "Lifting belly can please me because it is an occupation I enjoy.
  • "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. In print on top." (Bee Time Vine)

Valentine me? Pretty Please?
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A new gender neutral pronoun has emerged.
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.... and she ends her strike.

Yesterday I talked other vet who told me that sometimes kitties are so mortified and overwhelmed by wearing the ruff collar on top of being stuffed with all kinds of medicines that they just retreat. She also gave me some good advice on ways to tempt her to eat.

Well, we removed the collar, and within the hour she was diving onto a bowl of fresh tuna juices with gusto as well as pounding down a plate of finely minced boiled chicken. She even tasted her new rabbit and peas dinner and lapped up a teaspoon of goat yogurt with live cultures.

I gave her a long snuggle until she purred. then we stuffed her with more medicine and she retreated back under the bed to sulk. I did catch her playing with a mouse though-- a very encouraging sign.

Whew is about all I can say right now.
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Kali, one of my kitties, is a very sick girl. I took her to the vet's last night and they diagnosed her with a severe case of colitis and a UTI. She has dermatitis on her backside due to having the runs. She has always had weird digestive problems, but this week was strikingly worse.

So now she has to wear a ruff collar (the keep her from making her backside worse, and I am applying a cream twice daily. And she is being dosed with antibiotics and a strong anti-diarrheal medicine. I think it is working, but she is visibly miserable and forlorn, and I am worried that she is not eating. It's hard to tell since her sister Parvati can eat like a trucker. At least she slept next to me last night and seemed to enjoy having an extended snuggle.

So folks who have dealt with sick kitties, I need your advice: does medication make kitties anorexic? What should I do about this? I have a follow-up scheduled in two weeks (after she is finished with the antibiotics) but I am anxious about the loss of appetite.

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I registered for Wiscon! Yay! I am going!

Not surprisingly though, it looks like the Concourse is booked. Grrrr.

If anyone on my flist knows anyone who already has a room in the Concourse who might be seeking someone to share, that would be lovely. I am a fun and cheerful roomie and I will come with Chocolate mice. Otherwise, it looks like it is the spillover hotel for me.

Meanwhile, who else is going?


EDIT: Situation resolved! I'm in the Concourse!
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