Jun. 9th, 2008

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One of the medications little Kali has to take (this one to perk up her appetite since she is now tinier than her sister-- something I never thought possible) makes her... ummmm... a little hyper.  She becomes very, very vocal, sitting on my chest, batting my face and meowing urgently.

I really wish I  could just ASK HER what's up.  Clearly she wants to tell me something. It has the desired effect at least-- she has been eating like a truck driver, and is pushing 6.5 lbs.

This Thursday i take her in for the biopsy.  Then it is recovery time, which has me stressed out.  I need to make some sort of ramp or step for her to use so that she can get on the bed without having to leap and use her abdominal muscles.  Other people though have told me that kitties recover rather quickly from these things, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

This should be the last of it though-- once they have the biopsy, I have been assured that the next step will be to pinpoint the right medication and get her on the road to recovery.In other news, this evening is my first session with Danny my trainer, who will get me set up with strength training.  I will post the details on my Fitness filter!


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