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Birthdate:May 6
About Me:

I am a Boston-based poet with a strong interest in mixed-media painting, the book arts, keeping notebooks, writing letters, and prowling the fantastic.

I am partial to dark chocolate, thunderstorms, the steampunk aesthetic, pinot noir, and night gardens. I am owned by two kitties, Parvati and Kali, and I love entertaining friends in my cozy haunted house, burying myself in my books, and living well. My favorite hour is 3am, and my favorite scent is Fracas.

Once upon a time, I discovered that the world was a living organism whose eternal goal is happiness. For me, everything began right there.

Artistic Statement:

As a writer, I love intricacy, and I love to recast my work as I go along. The process is what makes the work interesting to me.

I treasure the cracks and mistakes in things. I like looking at watercolors and seeing the light pencilings of the initial sketch beneath the pigment. Lately I have become interested in saving different versions of my poems and finding meaning in the progression, in what is lost and saved, how things transform, and what again rises to the surface.

I'm a reviser, a builder, a lover of texture and history. I look to the interstices, poems that are part song, art that has some element of performance, and life that is experience mixed in with art, experience that is made into art.

Favorite quotes:

"In my book, poetry is a necessity of life. It is a function of poetry to locate those zones inside us that would be free, and declare them so." --C.D. Wright

"I can only suggest you do your best to banish anxiety, preferably with a glass of champagne, and lay yourself open to the moment when happiness becomes irresistible." --John Mortimer

“Start with your identity, which is a combination of your assets and what your friends mean when they discuss ‘the trouble with you,’ polish that, and you have style.” --Quentin Crisp

"Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system." --Dorothy Day

"There is no answer, there never was an answer, there'll never be an answer. That's the answer." --Gertrude Stein

“We don't need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do's and don'ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” --Philip Pullman

"Think your sentences before you write them; otherwise they are like the continuous bumps of bubbly soap that used to be left in bowl the instead of becoming the iridescent globes desired by the pipes of our childhood. A line of poetry is an iridescent soap-bubble." --Max Jacob

"Be generous and delicate and pursue the prize" --Henry James

Interests (150):

abandoned buildings, abandoned places, abyssinians, andrei rublev, anjou pears, argentina, artist trading cards, artists, aure entuluva, beachcombing, beauty, beekeeping, bernini, bluestockings, bookbinding, bowed metal, bowlers, burlesque, calling in sick, caravaggio, celia fiennes, cigarillos, comfort, conversation, court dances, dandies, deep listening, donegal, dream artifacts, early jazz, early music, early photography, elendil, ethereal, fin de siecle, flamenco, flowers, flâneurs, folie à deux, forests, foxes, fra angelico, francesca woodman, frankincense, gardens, garters, gaslight, gerard manley hopkins, ghost images, glamour girls, gold leaf, griffin and sabine, guerilla gardening, hair combs, handmade books, heirloom tomatoes, hellebore of the mind, hermeticism, high heels, highwaymen, honey, idle hands, ireland, john keats, johnny appleseed, kali the cat, kielle, laphroaig, letting go, lilies of the valley, lollygagging, london, long hair, lounging, macabre, mail art, monasteries, moseying, mourning jewelry, navel gazing, ne'er-do-wells, nell gwynn, nova scotia, orchids, oscar wilde, parasols, parvati the cat, path of least resistance, perfume, permanent vacation, petite hotels, petrarch, phytosphere, playing hooky, poetry, pookas, porch swings, preraphaelites, pronoia, queen beruthiel, rare books, reading, reclusiveness, remedios varo, ritual, rome, roswell the cat, rubber stamps, sacred space, sandalwood, secret places, self sufficiency, sensualism, shakespeare, simple abundance, simple living, space cadets, spikenard, spring, stamps, stargazing, steampunk, stockings, strawberries and brown sugar, streetscape, subversion, sunflowers, surrealism, sustainability, sweet peas, synaesthesia, tango, tarkovsky, temporary autonomous zones, thomas merton, thunderstorms, time stealing, top hats, tuscany, typography, velvet, venezia, victrolas, vintage, watching paint dry, weeds, whimsy, wild foods, wild gardens, william morris
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