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I had my first meeting with my personal trainer Danny....

First of all, he is awesome.  We reviewed a lot of things and he spent a lot of time watching how I stand, lunge, pick things up, sit down etc. to see where my muscles are potentially wonky.  First thing he said:  "I can tell you work at a desk most of the time-- it's these muscles here, your lats that are causing your head to push forward. We'll work on them." 

We talked about goals (strength! balance! trade in 15 lbs of fat for 15 lbs of muscle! yay!) and he nodded vigorously when I  told him that I wanted to be careful about my knees.  Throughout the work out he spent a lot of time making sure that I was aligning myself properly and using the correct muscles. 

All good so far:
  • Leg Extension (using one of the machines but not raising my leg too high):  35lbs, 10-15 reps | 35lbs, 10-15 reps | 50lbs 10-15 reps
  • Plank Posture (those who do yoga know this one):  Hold for thirty seconds, then rest.  Then another 30 seconds, then rest.  then a full minute. Don't laugh-- this is harder than it looks.
  • Pushups (he showed me a special way to do these and now I am flaking.... arghhhh!):  8 | 8 | 10
  • Bench Press!  (we worked using the 45 lb rod without any weights on it, then switched to the 35 b rod.  Clearly I am a lightweight):  35lbs 15 reps | 35 lbs (with legs up and bent a) 15 reps |  35 lbs with legs up as you would do in Pilates 15 reps (Damn I hope I am remebering this right....)
  • Walking Lunges (reeeeeally lunging forward and taking great care to align my knees the right way): 10 steps per leg | 10 steps per leg | 10 steps per leg
  • Lat Pulldown (using the machines): 15 | 12 | 10 (increase weight as the number of reps decrease)
  • Seated Row:  15 | 12 | 10 (increase weight as the number of reps decrease)
  • Overhead Press: 15 | 12 | 10 (increase weight as the number of reps decrease)
  • Double Overhead press: 15 | 12 | 10 (increase weight as the number of reps decrease)
Warm up with an hour of cardio beforehand. More stuff next week. 

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