Aug. 6th, 2008

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Older News:  Kali is doing very well, has her appetite back and is eating like a very tiny truck-driver, and no longer seems inclined to hide in corners being sorrowful.  I am still going to cat-proof the attic with window screen material and a staple gun though, per [ profile] panjianlien's suggestions. 

A brief stressful trip to the vet basically revealed that she was having a reaction to the antibiotics. After screening her to make sure there was no possibility of infection, the vet took her off that medication.  We also determined that she was past needing the painkillers, so now she is back to just the tummy medicine and the appetite-perker-upper.  We've also added very low doses of Prednisone and she seems to be improving.

Provincetown:  Was glorious, though terribly crowded.  I've found though that if you just avoid most of Commercial Street it is manageable.  I spent another day trolling the art galleries on the East End (a lot of summer resort kitch interspersed with some texcellent paintings by contemporary artists, including a show of contemporary Chinese painters, and abstracts by Jeannie Motherwell).

NYC:  Heat wave. I cooled my heels at the Turner exhibit at the Met and in the park and stayed at the funky Carleton Arms.

Maine:  A long bike ride for me along the coast of Southern Maine. Stayed near Higgins beach where I hung out with a surfing labrador puppy (yes, his big people trained him to jump on a surfboard).  Much fun ensued.

Last Weekend:  Did a photo shoot with the lovely Ivana George who dressed me up as the statue of Liberty being tortured and interrogated while bound up in scraps of an American flag.  It was remarkably fun, the only down side was that the green body makeup was bitch to take off.  I will post one of the photos later.  She is using it for a larger installation.

In Current News:

  • I really need a new job. This place is driving me around the bend. I have never in my life felt so much like a minion running around in a gerbil wheel, pushing around paper and spending more time documenting what what my job is than I spend actually doing it. I REALLY REALLY need to do something different with my life.
  • I am shamefully out of touch with [info]drglam and [info]lyonesse-- must do something about that ASAP
  • I'm going to a poetry slam this evening with  [info]d_roneous  


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