Jun. 26th, 2008

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She is in recovery.

They took all the biopsies they needed and predictably her lower intestine and liver looked the most serious.  The good news is that it is all treatable once we know what is causing all this.  Treatment is likely to involve steroids.  I'll learn more about that later.

However because she is such a tiny kitty with almost no body fat (this is part of the whole problem) she became very cold during the procedure, more so than they usually run into.  They kept her bundled up in heated blankets in the recovery area with a nurse by her side taking her vital signs every few minutes. I just received word that her temperature is finally almost back to normal and she is lively enough now to have growled at the nurse who took her blanket away in order to replace it with a fresh warm blanket.

She has her pain patch on and will have more pain medication and antibiotics to take, as well as more medication for her lower intestine.  Partly because she is so tiny her recovery will probably be a little slower than a more robust chubby kitty would experience, so this weekend will involve much in the way of warm Irish wool blankets, snuggles, and treats brought to her bedside.

She is wearing the Elizabethan Ruff now, which alas means much wounded dignity,  so, yeah, more nose kisses and treats.

Damn, after all this I hope her condition improves.


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